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Dimpled Ceramic Grey Electric Wax Melter|Burner & Candle Warmer

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This fabulous 2 in 1 matte grey and dimpled electric ceramic wax melter/burner is a beautiful solution to your home decor and fragrance needs.

It also doubles up as a great alternative for candle lovers who wish to indulge without an open flame and can accommodate larger wax melts.

This melter comes with a wide and deep ceramic dish which is removable and sits on top of a hot plate (No bulbs are required)!
Use the dish for your fragranced wax melts or the hotplate base as an alternative to gently warm your scented flameless candle.

Approx Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 12.5cm

UK mains powered with On/Off Switch. Please note that each piece is hand painted and slight differences in paint tone and brush mark thickness may exist.

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