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Sola Wood Flower Diffuser Reed With Cotton Wick

Sola Wood Flower Diffuser Reed With Cotton Wick

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Beautiful sola wood flower with a cotton wick made specifically for diffusers.

Designed to absorb the fragranced liquid from the diffuser container as the intricate wooden petals emit the fragrance.

They can be used on their own or combined with reeds to increase the intensity of your diffuser. Simply place the rope into your diffuser bottle and watch your flower reed come to life.

Sola wood flowers are natural and made from a plant called the tapioca plant.These wooden flowers are extremely delicate as its texture is similar to a really thin version of balsa wood.

Please note that this is for the flower reed only. You will need to purchase the reed diffuser separately as a bundle. It is also likely that the flower will take on the colour of the liquid from your diffuser.

Flower Dimensions

7.5cm (w) and 3.5cm (d)

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