Candle Care


Trimming the Wick

Simple Scents 3 Wick candle with wick trimmer around a wick
Before lighting your candle for the first time trim the wick to 5mm. This will help the candle have a steady flame, burn more evenly and reduces sooting and mushrooming of the wick.
We suggest you trim the wick after each 4 hour burn.

Lighting your Candle

Simple Scents 3 Wick candle being lit

Always ensure your candle is free from debris and flammable objects before lighting.

Candles burn great in still air, but if there is a slight draught turn the candle periodically to avoid uneven burning.

When lighting your candle for the first time and to help achieve an even burn pool we suggest burning your candle for at least 2-4 hours. 

Putting your Candle Out

Simple Scents 3 Wick candle and snuffer

Using a snuffer or spoon is safer than blowing your candle out, which can can lead hot wax or sparks flying.

It is important to check that your candle is fully extinguished.

Storing your Candle

Simple Scents candle with rose gold lid and candle snuffing accessories

To prevent dust or debris build up on your candle, after your candle has cooled replace the dust cover or candle lid. Store in a cool dry place to prevent cracking, fading and melting.

Keeping your candle covered will also preserve the fragrance of your candle throughout its lifecycle, ensuring you still have a wonderful scent throw during each burn.