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Carme - Simple Scents Luxe Rosé Noir Wooden Wick Soy Candle

Carme - Simple Scents Luxe Rosé Noir Wooden Wick Soy Candle

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Caramel, himalayan salt crystals, cedarwood wood, vanilla pods, tonka beans and balsamic vinegar swirlThe Simple Scents Luxe Rosé Noir range brings you the Carme wooden wick soy wax candle in a sleek stemless rose gold or matt black candle glass container.

Made with natural soy wax.

The Carme fragrance offers a unique combination of warm vanilla, blended with salted caramels and tonka beans, sure to make gourmand scent-lovers swoon.

The luxurious wooden wick creates the perfect accompaniment to this exquisite scent, adding a cozy crackling sound to the multisensory experience.

This item can be coupled with our stylish gift box for a complete gifting experience.

Dimensions: Height 9cm, Width (at widest part of container (7.5cm)

Average burn time: 45 - 50 hrs

Weight: 260g

Crafted with carefully selected wooden wicks:

Please follow the care guide that accompanies your candle

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