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Serenity Ceramic Tea Light Wax Burner/Melter

Serenity Ceramic Tea Light Wax Burner/Melter

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A bold striking piece that adds to the aesthetic of any room with its curves.

Serenity Ceramic Tea Light Wax Burners available in white, are hand finished and some natural variation may occur. Minor surface imperfections and surface ripples can occur with handmade products but these will not affect the functionality of the burner in any way.

The ceramic is thicker than some other materials used to make wax burners so a good quality tea light a minimum of 2cm high is required in order to make sure the wax is melted properly.

It is recommended that the burner is not used for any longer than 4 hours at a time.

Dimensions : Height 15 cm, Width 13cm, Depth 7.5cm

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