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Olivio Ceramic Reed Diffuser Bottle 100ml

Olivio Ceramic Reed Diffuser Bottle 100ml

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The Olivio reed diffuser bottles are a beautiful gloss ceramic bottle available in colours - white or black.

Olivio is perfectly rounded with a small opening on top for reeds. Its simplistic and functional style means that it will compliment most home decor.

This bottle does not contain the diffuser liquid nor reeds, however the Simple Scents Excellence Reed Diffuser Refill can be purchased with this product. Also consider using with the Sola Wood Reed Flower as an alternative.

Do not place the diffuser directly onto polished , painted, plastic or leather surfaces. If spilled on these types of surfaces the base oil can destroy/strip paint, polish or material. If spilled, please wear gloves to clean and avoid getting the liquid on your skin.

100ml capacity

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