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Kyūri - Simple Scents Ambience Knot Style Wax Melts

Kyūri - Simple Scents Ambience Knot Style Wax Melts

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Make a statement with Simple Scents Ambience Kyūri scented Soy Wax Melts to define your space with the aromatics of your chosen scent.

A spa like fragrance with top notes of grapefruit and lime, middle notes of cool cucumber, guava and passion fruits and base notes of peppery wasabi, cilantro and fern.

Hand poured and elegantly shaped pieces of soy wax are infused with pieces of jasmine and fragrances, to enhance and bring some sparkle or contrast to your wax melting experience.

Place your wax melt pieces into a wax warmer or burner.

Please follow the guidance in the care guide that accompanies your wax melts.

15 pieces approx 8g each (Approx 120g) providing an 8-12 hour fragrance burn.

Dimensions 1.5cm (w) each

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