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Elegance Wax Melt Flower Bouquet & Wax Melt Burner

Elegance Wax Melt Flower Bouquet & Wax Melt Burner

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Introducing our new, handmade scented wax melt flower bouquet and Nico ceramic tea-light wax melt burner. 

Introductory price £55.00 until 12 Feb

A perfect wax floral arrangement for a Valentine's gift, Mother's Day gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift and any occasion.

A complete wax burning set, that can be used straight away.

Presented in a rose gold flower box and finished with a satin bow & pendant.

Elegant and uniquely designed, containing 7 flower pods of specially selected wax melt fragrances. The centre of the bouquet contains a heart shaped pod, truly delivering fine fragrance from the heart! 

Completely encased in a rose gold flower box and finished with a satin bow & pendant. The wax floral arrangement contains the following Simple Scents Ambience wax melt fragrances: (scent descriptions available here)

  • 7 x Wax melt flower pods containing:
    • 10pcs x Black Fig & Honey - 80g NET e
    • 10pcs x Elderflower & Coconut Sugar - 9Og NET e
    • 10pcs x Japanese Pear - 90g NET e
    • 10pcs x Kyūri - 80g NET e
    • 10pcs x Rhubarb & Rose - 7Og NET e
    • 10pcs x Tobac Vanille - 80g NET e
    • 10pcs x Velvet Rose & Oud - 80g NET e
  • 1 x Nico ceramic tea-light wax melt burner
    • Black or
    • White
  • 1 x 6pk Soy Wax Tea Lights

This is a special gift, revealing the surprise of the wax burner and tea lights under the selected range of fragrances in the flower pods to compliment any mood and enrich your olfactory senses.

Wax melt bouquet size 21cm (w) x 27cm (h)

Nico Tea Light Wax Burner

Nico ceramic tea light wax burners are individually hand made and so there may be slight uneven surfaces or minor ripples as well as variations in height and weight and colour texture. None of this will affect the functionality of the burner and is normal in the production of individually made products.

It is recommended that the burner is not used for any longer than 3 hours at a time.

Dimensions : Height 14 cm, Width 12 cm


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