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Botanical Wax Melt Discovery Pack

Botanical Wax Melt Discovery Pack

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Experience 8 distinctive scents with our Botanical inspired Wax Melt Discovery Pack. Each melt is made of natural soy wax and contains two elegantly shaped pieces of 8 specially selected fragrances, such as Black Fig & Honey, Elderflower & Coconut Sugar, and more. With a range of aromas from floral oud to sweet coconut sugar, this pack is perfect for exploring invigorating scents. Each fragrance is adorned with a range of real flowers from miniature rose buds, bright marigolds or sweet jasmine blooms.
  • Black Fig & Honey with rose buds
  • Elderflower & Coconut Sugar with hibiscus flowers
  • Japanese Pear with green lavender seeds
  • Kyūri with jasmin
  • Lime Basil & Mandarin with Jasmin
  • Rhubarb & Rose with luxe floral mix
  • Tobac Vanille with marigold petals
  • Velvet Rose & Oud with rose petal leaves

See Wax Melt Scent Description list for more details

A great sample pack to explore the Simple Scents Ambience Wax Melt range!

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