Simple Scents Ambience Wax Melts and Black Tea Light Wax Burner

What's in the name? The story behind the brand Simple Scents by Simpleness Collection Part 2

We hope you enjoyed the Part 1 introduction to the naming conventions for the Simple Scents brand.

Part 2 continues with more insight on the remainder of the current interior/home fragrance product range.

Naming the Product Range - Part 2.

The concept of minimalism continues throughout the wax melt and diffuser range. Our scented soy wax melts are designed to provide an alternative to scented candles designed to be used with a tea light wax burner or electric wax melter. 

Ambience Wax Melts

The term Ambience was used to describe the Simple Scents wax melt range because the term ambience means the character and atmosphere of a place.

The specially selected fragrances for the scented wax pieces which range from gourmand to fresh or citrus, adapt the character and atmosphere of the space they are used in. Therefore interpreted as creating an ambient atmosphere which can be enjoyed for many purposes.

Have you ever found it hard to get rid of a lingering food or cooking smells? 

Our Ambience wax melts are great way to eliminate or mask funky smells.

Another great way to use our scented melts is to help unwind and relax. 

Black wax burner and mini dome shaped wax melts next to black lily

Check out our scented soy wax melt range

Excellence Reed Diffusers

The naming convention for the diffuser range actually stems from a love hate relationship with reed diffusers.

Prior to developing and selecting suitable long lasting fragrances for diffusers as part of the range offerings. Diffusers from some mainstream brands were something that just did not fulfil what they were meant to do.

They either emitted their perfume for a day or two and then nothing or you could only smell them when right up close. The type of reeds were also something that played a factor, so when we started developing our own diffuser range it was important to understand the components of what makes an excellent reed diffuser.

The diffuser base and ratio that the specially selected fragrances are mixed with is pivotal to a successful read diffuser. In addition to that the type of reeds used to emit the fragrance is also essential. Having the wrong mix ratio can definitely impact the strength of the diffuser and can lead to reeds becoming clogged.

It was a eureka moment when our diffusers performed so well throughout testing. The term excellence means quality of being outstanding or extremely good which was adopted to describe our Excellence diffusers.

As a side note, another great tip to increase the performance of your diffuser is to flip your reeds on a regular basis. Just be sure to wear gloves or wash your hands straight after!


We have some wonderful fragrances available in our Excellence Reed Diffuser range. Check them out here.

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