What's in the name? The story behind the brand Simple Scents by Simpleness Collection Part 1

What's in the name? The story behind the brand Simple Scents by Simpleness Collection Part 1

Ever wondered about the naming conventions of our products.

Here’s part 1 with some insight on the brand name and why our product ranges have names that describe the very essence of what is known as Simple Scents the brand! 

Why the name Simple Scents by Simpleness Collection?

The Name

If we were to take you on a trip, we would uncover the back story has connections to creativeness but of another kind.

Dedicated to the arts, the owner of the brand Venessa had a strong passion in music and acting, donning the name Simpleness as an alias. Simpleness comprises of Venessa’s nick name ‘Ness’ and the ‘Simple’ style Venessa liked to express.

Having used holistic therapies to manage anxiety, improve mood and an obsession with fragrances. Simple Scents the brand was birthed during the height of the pandemic where the benefits of scented candles were used to help alleviate some of the day-to-day pressures. The word ‘Simple’ and ‘Scents’ were combined as two elements that had strong ties to the name and hobbies of the owner.

The Logo 

The logo represents the initials of the brand back-to-back, but also represents the holistic image of meditation and aromatherapy and represents the image of an oil burner or scented wax burner/melter.  

Naming the Product Range - Part 1.

Simple Scents is a brand that is minimalistic, but also provides a luxury aesthetic and gifting experience no matter who the recipient is.

The words used are emotive and represent the quality and craftsmanship of the product.


The Mini Indulgence is the smallest of the scented candle range set in a votive glass. The idea of the name derived from the concept of little miniature ice-cream pots where it’s so good, but you don’t want to overindulge in the pleasures but just can’t help yourself. However, on the days you may need a bit more of a pick me up its big sister the Indulgence candle can steps in providing more than 40 hours burn time.

Simple Scents Mini Indulgence Trio


The next size up in our candle range is the 420g, 3 wicks candle called the Opulence. The name derived from the concept of presenting a crown, with the event being quite regal and opulent. The rose gold accents from the product lid labelling enhance the candle like jewels attached to a crown.

And of course, the biggest showpiece of them all is the Grand Opulence 3 wicks candle. The pièce de resistance, with grandeur maintaining the minimalistic look. The Grand Opulence candle can be used both as an accessory or its core functional purpose which produces a warm illuminating glow.

The Simple Scents Indulgence and Opulence candle ranges are available in both unscented or select fragrances. The Grand Opulence candle can also be personalised to meet any of your commemorative or celebratory needs.

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