Tea Light Wax Burner vs Electric Wax Burner

Tea Light Wax Burner vs Electric Wax Burner

If you’re a serial wax melt connoisseur you'll know that there's always a long standing debate on which one is better - Tea light or electric wax burners?

The reality is it is down to personal preference and your use case.

It’s pretty evident that tea light wax burners get hotter due to the open flame from the tea light candle, and you'd be quite worried if an electrical product produced the same level of heat for prolonged periods.

But how does this really affect the performance during your wax melting experience?

Well, there are number of factors in addition to the wax burner or melter being used that contributes to this.

1. The type of wax and any additives used in its manufacturing process.

There are many different types of waxes available on the market ranging from bees’ wax, paraffin, soy, coconut, rapeseed, olive to name a few. Some manufacturers will add additives to their wax to provide a different texture or allow for a higher fragrance oil load.

Simple Scents Ambience wax melts are made from a sustainable, vegan friendly, biodegradable plant-based wax, manufactured in the UK. No other additives are added to the composition. Our wax melts are either combined with botanicals or adorned with biodegradable glitter.


2. The percentage of fragrance oil mixed with the wax.

As mentioned in point 1 some manufacturers include special additives to allow for a higher percentage of fragrance oil to be added. Waxes will all have a maximum fragrance load percentage, and this is as much related to performance as it is safety.

Placing a wax melt in a tea light burner with an oversaturated fragrance load can be dangerous and can lead to fires. Higher fragrance oil loads do not always equate to a better burn experience. Some waxes and fragrance oils perform better at lower percentages due to their composition.


3. The wax burner size

Believe it or not there are differences between oil burners and tea light wax burners. Tea light wax burners should have a minimum of a 10cm gap between the tea light and well where the wax melt sits. Oil burners have a much shorter gap, and you will find that the fragrance from your wax melts will burn off far quicker than a burner that is designed for use with wax melts.

At the end of the day, it really does come down to your own needs. For example, you may be residing or using a wax melter in a place that does not allow for open flames, or perhaps you find it more safer using an electric melter if you have young children or pets.

Tea light burners are also great at adding to the ambience of a room. The gentle glow of the flame amidst the shape of the burner.

Be sure to check out some of our elegant wax burners that also double up as fabulous home décor pieces.

You’ll be glad to know Simple Scents Ambience wax melts are tested in both. Our tests include the longevity and scent throws provided in our specially selected fragrances.

You can also explore our Ambience wax melt range.


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