Coffee & Candles

Coffee & Candles

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Have you ever lit your favourite scented candle and thought to yourself... why does this not smell as strong as it did when I first started burning it?

One of the many possible reasons can be because you have got so used to the smell that you have become what is known as the term ‘nose blind’ or have Olfactory Fatigue.

According to Healthonline Olfactory Fatigue is a temporary, naturally occurring adaptation of your body that leads to an inability to detect or distinguish common scents in your surroundings. It’s sometimes also referred to as olfactory fatigue or olfactory adaptation

When smelling scented products in quick succession or for long durations your brain can become overstimulated. With repeated or continuous stimulation by a particular odorant, the nerve cell eventually stops sending electrical signals to your brain. As a result, you no longer perceive the scent.

Coffee & Candles

Roasted coffee beans

It is said that a great way of helping to correct the signal being sent to your brain is to inhale dried coffee beans to neutralise your pallet. However, a scientific study conducted by Dr. Alexis Grosofsky concluded that coffee beans did not yield better results than lemon slices or air to reduce the effects of olfactory adaptation or fatigue.

Some may feel that this process definitely works for them. Perhaps the acute smell of coffee beans is perceived to mentally trigger an alternate sensory reaction. The contrast of strong coffee beans against a fragrance oil is quite distinct.

Another way to check the strength of your scented candle is to see or get a reaction from others. You may have thought you were ready to toss a candle in the bin, but then someone else walks into the space where you have had it lit and expresses their delight in the aromas that fill the room.

Perhaps you’ll try the coffee bean method the next time you feel you’ve gone a little nose blind!

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