Candles & Holistic Therapies

Candles & Holistic Therapies

Candles have always had some sort of intrinsic value for events and various ceremonies all across the globe. The oldest records of modern candles date back as old as 200 BC. Even though candles were supposed to be the main source of light in the past, their purpose has now changed. Here is everything you need to know about how people are using candles as part of Holistic Therapies:

Introduction on Holistic Therapies:

The word ‘holistic’ means that everything is intimately interconnected and everything that happens, happens for a reason. Holistic therapy is a form of healing that heals the entire person, instead of targeting a single goal like classic medicine. Holistic therapy considers the body, mind, spirit and emotions of each person as a whole.

Holistic therapy has recently become very popular; the first modern western holistic therapy movement started in the ‘60s. This therapy, however, has been around for a very long time, with many sources referring to Hippocrates being the founder of the concept.


Using Candles For Holistic Therapy:

In the more recent years, candles have started gaining more sentimental value as compared to practicality. Variants of candles have made their way into the market: scented candles, designer candles, luxury candles and so on.
Similarly, some people have started using candles for holistic therapy. Studies indicate that scented candles can be used to reduce anxiety. Since holistic therapy deals with healing of both the mind and the soul, candles are found to be very useful for this therapy.

The process is pretty simple: whenever you are in a session of holistic therapy, you are exposed to all types of candles: candles for ambience and lighting, candles for scents, and candles just to look at to ensure one’s complete immersion. Eventually, this immersion can cause people to feel soothed.

Advantages Of Using Candles
Here are a few advantages of using candles for holistic therapy:
Soothing – Candles, especially for the scent and ambience, provide a soothing feeling that you are away from the anxieties of modern life.

Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy has been recorded to be very effective at curing many diseases of the mind and soul. Scented candles provide exactly that.

Productivity – It has been shown that candles boost productivity considerably. Because you boost your productivity considerably, you have more time to spend healing yourself, which compliments the process of holistic therapy.

Helps against fatigue – Fatigue is a common problem that has become pretty prevalent nowadays. Fatigue can lead to bigger problems such as being exhausted and mentally unfulfilled all the time. Candles can help refill one’s mind, body and soul through both aromatherapy and ambience.

Final Thoughts:
Medical reasons aside, candles add to the décor of the house or the office. One good thing about modern candles is that they do not rot at all and thus, they can be used as permanent décor items. They are a great investment, for both the décor and holistic reasons. We hope that this article on using candles as part of holistic therapies has helped you.

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I found it interesting when you mentioned how candles can help ensure one’s complete immersion in a holistic therapy session, making them feel even more soothed. I’ve been feeling burned out because of work lately, and it’s taking a negative toll on my physical well-being. I’ll keep this in mind while I consider holistic therapy healing.

Anna Collins

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