3 Easy Ways To Soak Wax Up From Your Wax Burner

3 Easy Ways To Soak Wax Up From Your Wax Burner

Having a completely clean wax burner when melting wax contributes to an effective and long-lasting scent.

Wax scents consist of heavy oil molecules that leave a brown film on the dish. The brown film is collected on the dish over time. This often happens when you warm your scents for too long without changing the wax.

Note that wax does not evaporate and leaving your wax burner on 24/7 without changing the wax for weeks can develop this sticky film.

Therefore, it is recommended to soak wax up from your wax burner at least once a week.

How do Wax Burners work?

Electric wax burners heat scented wax at a low temperature that doesn’t melt it but releases a kind scent. Therefore, the wax burner is left with some left-over wax over time.

You can use your nose to determine if there is any more scent left in the wax. When there is no more scent left in the burner, there are several ways to soak the wax up from the burner and fill it with more wax.

Cleaning the wax burners doesn’t only make your showpiece look better but also improves the scent quality and throw. Moreover, the leftovers of the used wax can affect the new wax and it may not be warmed at the optimal temperature for a maximum scent.

How To Soak Wax Up from Your Wax Burner?

Following are some proven ways to remove wax from your wax warmer:

Cotton Balls or Cleanup Pads

This is by far the most effective method to clean your electric wax burner. It's simple and works like a charm.

Turn on your wax warmer and let the leftovers warm for a bit. Place a cotton wool clean-up pad in the warmer and wait for a few seconds. The cotton will absorb the wax within a few minutes and you’re good to start using your wax warmer again.

If you don’t have cotton wool, turn on the wax warmer for 15 minutes and then turn it off. Clean the dish with a paper towel. This method does the work but requires a little more work.

Discard the cotton balls or cleanup pads and clean any residues with a kitchen roll.

This method works for all types of wax burners.


Turn on the warmer for 10 minutes until the wax forms a uniform texture. Turn off the warmer and put it in the freezer for 2-3 minutes. Take the dish out of the freezer and you’ll be able to scoop out all the wax in one piece.

Clean any residues with a kitchen roll.

Butter Knife

Turn off the wax burner and wait for a few minutes until the wax is hard. Use a butter knife to scoop out the wax from the dish. Run it around the corners to detach the wax from the dish and the entire block of the wax will come out easily.

Again, clean any residues with a kitchen roll.


In a nutshell, using cotton wool is certainly the most effective and easy way to soak up wax from your wax melter/warmer.


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