10 Ways To Use Your Favourite Candles Safely: The Hacks and Tips for Using Them

10 Ways To Use Your Favourite Candles Safely: The Hacks and Tips for Using Them

Many people love to use candles at home or in the office. They provide a great atmosphere and make you feel relaxed. How do you know if they are safe? This article will help you find out. We have 10 ways to use your favourite candles safely, including how to keep them from spilling and other hacks that make using candles easier!

1. Use a Plate or Bowl

If you are going to be burning a candle for an extended period of time, it’s best to use some kind of plate or bowl underneath it. This will help to protect your surface, plus it will catch any wax that might fall.

2. Keep the Wick Trimmed

When you trim your wick, it prevents sputtering and helps to burn more cleanly. This is also a great way to prevent the candle from smoking too much! If you do not have any scissors around, try using nail clippers or tweezers instead.

3. Keep Them Away From Your Hair

This one is pretty self-explanatory! If you have long hair, keep your candles a safe distance away to avoid any potential fires.



4. Use an Unscented Candle

If you are using scented candles in the same room as someone who is sensitive or allergic to perfumes, use unscented ones instead! Scented candles can be harder on people’s noses than you might think.



5. Avoid Candles With Loose Wicks or Filaments

Loose wicks can lead to dripping, spilling, smoking and other accidents! It’s best to avoid them altogether as they are unsafe for use. If you do have some old candles lying around, it’s time to get rid of them!

6. Don’t Leave a Candle Burning Unattended

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you are going to leave the room, make sure to blow out the candle first. This will help prevent any accidents from happening.

7. Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets!

If you have kids or pets, make sure to keep your candles out of their reach at all times. They can be curious little things, so keeping them well away is a good idea. If they do manage to get hold of it, don’t panic! Let the candle burn out by itself and clean up any spills.

8. Beware of Drafts

Drafts can also be a major contributor to accidents. Make sure your soy wax candle is in an area where there are no drafts, and it will burn more evenly.

9. Use a Safe Candle Holder

Some candle holders are made from materials that can easily catch fire. It’s best to use a holder that is specifically designed for candles and is made from non-flammable material.

10. Beware of Hot Glass

If you are using glass candle holders for luxury soy candles, be careful when handling them! The glass can get hot and cause burns.


Bonus Tip: Use Ceramic Electric Candle Warmer

For a safe way to enjoy your favourite candles, try using ceramic electric candle warmers. These are usually made from silicone and will not cause a fire if they tip over. They can be used with standard candles as well as luxury soy candles!

We hope these tips help you use your favourite candles safely and without any accidents! Enjoy burning those scented beauties in peace!

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