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Simple Scents Experience Candle, Wax Melt & Nico Burner Gift Set

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The Simple Scents Experience candle, wax melt and Nico tea light wax burner gift set is presented in a sophisticated magnetic black gift box finished with a grain ribbon for closure.

This is a wonderful way to gift any candle and wax melt lover with a complete kit. This impactful gift set is a beautiful way to enjoy a bit of luxury.

Choose from a range of candle and wax melt scents.

Care and safety guides included

Nico burner option:
1 x Indulgence 200g candle or 1 x Opulence 420g candle
1 x Nico Wax Burner (White or Black) - Burner dimensions: Height 14cm, Width 12cm
2 x Ambience Scented Wax Melts (15 piece pack)
6 x Unscented Tea Lights

Gift Box dimensions: Length 33cm, Width 25cm, Height 11cm

Scent Descriptions

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